Sunday, 20 April 2014

Miller and Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger

Review of Miller & Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger


What they say:

All our burgers are made from British beef, specially selected from a number of UK farms, handmade by our expert chefs, and served with seasoned fries and fresh slaw.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

While Burger Lad® continues to work on his own signature burgers with the recently developed P.F.T, our Principal Burger Critic was on the front line to check out the Miller & Carter Steakhouse Prime Beef Burger.

With that I will pass you to Andrew for his latest review…

Miller and Carter is a chain of steakhouses throughout the UK. The website lists quite a few locations from Edinburgh to Bournemouth, with new ones opening.

It has a dress code. Ok, not jacket and tie, but smart casual. I took off my Slayer t-shirt and put on a blazer and off I went.

Dark wood, brown leather, exposed brick, table lamps. It's a lovely setup. Obviously it is a steakhouse. I've had steak here before and it is really good. I have high hopes for my burger.

The menu doesn't give much away about the burger. It’s prime beef and it's hand made. As standard, it comes plain, or with Monterey Jack cheese and bacon. There's a small selection of extra toppings you can choose at extra cost. I chose to leave the bacon and take cheese and jalapeños.

Burger Lad
Miller & Carter Prime Beef Burger...

I wasn't asked how I'd like it cooked, which is surprising for a place specialising in steak.

In a fairly short space of time, it arrived, carefully laid out on a slate board. The jalapeños and slaw were presented separately in little bowls, which was interesting. A slight element of build-your-own-burger, which was fun. There was a tidy piece of lettuce at the bottom of the burger, sitting on the mayo and hiding a slice of tomato. The tomato was stuck in the mayo so I thought I'd just leave it in.

The bun was nice and shiny, and lightly toasted to perfection. The seeds on top finished of the aesthetics perfectly.

Changed my mind. Tomato out. Jalapenos and slaw in. Good call, Andrew. Tomato was big and thick.

The first bite told me the meat was well done, which is not what I'd have chosen if I'd been asked. It was seasoned well though, and the cheese melted lovingly over it.

The fries were just perfect. Hot, seasoned, crispy and a lot of skin. Not too thick, not too thin.

Burger Lad
Customise your burger at Miller & Carter Steakhouse...

I'm glad I didn't have the bacon. I think it would have overpowered the stack too much. As it was, the flavours bounced off each other like a well-crafted Bon Jovi song, and nearing the end, I noticed that the cheese had melted down into the burger in parts, which was tremendous.

The bun squished somewhat but held together admirably. Cheese at the top and mayo at the bottom acted a sort of tasty glue.

As an aside, while I pause to get the traditional Burger Lad® half-eaten shot, who decided tomato was de rigueur in burgers? Lettuce I can understand - it gives a crisp freshness and I'm sure it's at least 3 of my 5 (or 7 now, apparently) a day. But why tomato? Why not grated carrot? Or peas?

Burger Lad
Lunchtime work in progress...

Anyway, I finished the burger pretty quickly. It was a good lunchtime size and the fries, as I said, were un-put-downable.

At £9.95 plus extras it is definitely at the higher end of the scale for a cheeseburger, but not unreasonable. With more time, and no car, I can definitely see this burger forming the centrepiece of a more leisurely meal over some beers in the future.

Very solid effort all round here. Ambience, presentation, taste and overall experience top notch. I don't like to do this to a good burger, but here I think the fries took the flag.

Burger Lad
Smart and casual...

So, Miller and Carter. There's probably one near you. And if you haven't been before, it'd definitely be worth visiting. Just try not to take your car.

Thanks Andrew for once again sharing your 21st century burger adventures with us and the rest of the BLC (Burger Lad® Community). If you would like to contribute to your favourite urban burger review website please get in touch.

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

SoLIta Manchester Once in a lifetime Burger

Review of SoLIta Manchester Once in a lifetime Burger


Today Burger Lad® received another guest review from our favourite reviewer Andrew, now dubbed the Principal Burger Critic. I won’t even taint his excellent review further so here now I pass you over…

What they say:

Pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken, onion rings, beef and bone marrow patty, Monterey Jack cheese, BBQ sauce.

Price: £16.90.

Calories: Where we're going, we don't need calories.

I am not Adam Richman and I am not Burger Lad®, so this was always going to be a very difficult challenge.

As I was walking to the place, I had Rammstein's "Links 2,3,4" playing on the iPod. It really felt like I was going into battle.

A battle with a Beast.

SoLIta is a one-off, tucked away in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It's pretty unassuming from the outside. Blink and you miss it, and the view from the window is of a 60s concrete multi-storey car park. They are pretty well known for their original burger- the Big Manc, but I was here for something altogether more epic.

Burger Lad
SoLIta Manchester...

The Once In A Lifetime.

I was early. At weekends, lunch starts at 1 and they still had the brunch menu on. They do, however, sell breakfast martinis, invented by Sr Calabrese of the Lanesborough in London. Marvellous. If I have to wait a bit until I can order my behemoth, it might as well be with one of the very best drinks man has ever created (Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and marmalade).

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Once in A Lifetime burger by SoLIta Manchester.

Burger Lad
Early morning wake-up call at SoLIta...

SoLIta has an Inka grill. I haven't seen it, but it's mentioned on their website as well as on the giant blackboard behind the bar. Does it make things tasty? Let's find out.

I put my order in, with ten minutes to go, as I sip my breakfast martini. Oh, sweet nectar of the gods.

I wasn't asked how I wanted my burger cooked, but I have to assume they know what they are doing. As I wait, I'm noticing how friendly the staff are. Everybody is smiling and the place is a pretty slick, happy operation.

I also note a strange male uniformity, both in SoLIta and outside on the street. Young men with skin-tight jeans and hair cut high back and sides, with the remaining hair slicked back, complemented by some form of beard. Is that a "thing" at the moment? The same look is everywhere, and granted it is a bit better than mullets and shell suits, but it's ironic to see people express their "individuality" in exactly the same way as everybody else.

I'm torn from this sociological train of thought by the arrival of my burger. It blotted out the sun. Just look at it!

First thoughts - this thing is massive by anybody's standards. Huge. The burger itself sat on the bottom, covered by a thick chunk of fried chicken, covered by onion rings, covered by a mountain of pulled pork and interspersed with cheese and sauce. It was a thing of great beauty.

Burger Lad
Once in a lifetime...

The burger at the bottom didn't have any pink, but it certainly wasn't over-cooked and was oozing flavour. The main taste coming through was the pork when I managed to get a cross section. Getting a cross section was extremely difficult.

By the way, it was held together by a wooden spike which ordinarily I'd remove. But on this occasion, picking it up to bite was not an option, so I left the spike in, and used my knife and fork.

Tasty doesn't begin to describe this. As I said, the pork comes through strongest, and I do think it could benefit from a bit more cheese, but the beef and the chicken definitely contribute their share. I'd say the flavour pyramid was sauce, pork, beef, chicken, cheese, onion rings in that order.

The tenderness of the beef and the pork, the crispness of the onion rings and fried chicken, and the ooziness of the sauce and cheese all bounced off each other wonderfully on the palate.

The bun was good too. Shiny, glazed, sesame-topped and not too soft. It seemed like just the right container for this burger.

Burger Lad
#burgerporn at its finest...

The fries that came with it (upgrades were available) were adequate. Not outstanding, but crispy, tasty and with a generous amount of potato skin remaining.

As time went on I encountered what Mr Richman would describe as the Food Wall and that was the end of that. Lest it be said I didn't finish my burger, I did actually finish the burger part of it. And the chicken. But it was the pulled pork that kept me from glory. There was just so much of it, and as incredibly tender and tasty as it was, it was beyond my reach.

The bill came to £26.20 but that did include a mammoth burger, fries, a pint of beer and the martini, so I suppose it's reasonable.

So, once in a lifetime? I don't know. I'd definitely have it again were it not for the several other things on SoLIta's menu I'd love to try next time.

Would you like to see the dessert menu?

Ha ha!

Thanks again to Andrew for checking out this amazing burger from SoLIta. If you would like to submit us a guest review and get shares in your number one urban burger review website get in touch above!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Burger King Angry Angus Burger

Review of Burger King Angry Angus Burger


What they say:

Forget counting to ten. Getting angry is great. We’ve taken three of our classic burgers, and riled them up with Pepper Jack cheese, hot Jalapeños and angry onion strips. Ohh... dangerous.

Price: £7.39 with Satisfries (price subject to variation).

Calories: 628 kcal.

Hot off the heels of our secret menu Jack Burger from T.G.I. Friday’s is another cracking guest review from Andrew. His last submission gave us an inside look at Haché Burgers in Shoreditch and now he returns with a taste test of the Burger King Angry Angus.

Burger King UK recently updated their website style and functionality to match all other BK websites around the globe. Previoulsy it was a bit hit and miss if promotional items were added but it seems this has now been rectified. Amusingly they must have done a copy and paste of the HTML code as the description was all in German but this has since been fixed by the King and Co.

Burger Lad® reviewed the Angry Whopper when it was previously available in the UK so we were all looking forward to getting another opinion on the Angry Range and a glimpse at those “healthy” Satisfries. It’s also good to note I’m not the only one in the world that removes the fresh tomato! With that I pass you over to Andrew…

So, Burger King has brought back the popular Angry Range again and it's a welcome return.

Having noticed my local BK has just benefitted from a decent refurbishment as well, I felt it was time to go and eat an old friend.

The Angry Angus (didn't he sing a song for Kylie and Jason's wedding years ago?).

Anyway, Angry essentially means spicier than normal, and this is achieved by adding jalapeños, Angry sauce and onion strips. I also opted for BK's new "Satisfries", making a bill of £7.39, not the cheapest thing on the menu.

I sat down and carried out my two fast food rituals. Tip the fries into the empty half of the burger carton (don't know why I do that, just always have), and get rid of the tomato. Well, in this case there were two tomatoes and feeling the intense pressure to do an authentic review for Burger Lad®, I left one in.

Fries first, and I was initially disappointed. Don't really know what I was expecting, but they were quite thick. There's some technical information about how they retain less fat when cooking. I'll come back to the fries later.

Stop! Burger Time!

Burger Lad
Burger King Angry Angus and Satisfries...

First bite and, despite the generous pile of toppings, it was actually the beef that came through strongest. Not a bad thing, then the softness of the bun. It's not really my favourite, but it's quite distinct and unobtrusive. Plus in this case, it was a good size and kept everything in well.

I definitely noticed the jalapeños, but thought the whole thing was more "slightly miffed" than outright Angry, but jalapeños have this great lingering characteristic, and the burger became increasingly displeased as the eating went along. It could probably be described as verging on Angry at the end, but might have been livid, if not for the cooling sensation of the mayo.

As I realised I needed to get the trademark Burger Lad® half-eaten shot before the whole burger was gone, I had some more fries and found myself enjoying them more. They had grown on me. The serving was a fine size and the texture was nice and crispy on the outside.

Burger Lad
Inside the Angry Angus...

Inside the burger, the crispy onion strips were adding a nice crunch. I took one out to try by itself and it was nice and oniony. On top of it all was some good fresh lettuce.

I was pleased with my meal. The Angry range seems to appear now and again and it's a good thing. Personally, I'd add a dash of Tabasco, or some Birdseye chilies, but that might not be everyone's cup of tea, and jalapeños do the job, perhaps more accessibly.

I'm quite sure I'll be back before the promo ends. I'd quite like to try the Angry Royale.

Back to Burger Lad®

Thanks again to Andrew for supplying us with this look at the BK Angry Angus – he even thought of something I’d considered in the past with the play on Angry Anderson. Love it!

If you would like to contribute to the growing Burger Lad® community please get in touch at and send us your 21st century burger adventures.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger

Review of T.G.I. Friday’s Secret Menu Jack Burger


What they say:

We’ve combined the finest ingredients and exciting new flavours to give you our best ever burgers. Our 7oz* flame-grilled burgers are made with prime cuts of beef from the British Isles. We use chuck steak for flavour and beef brisket for tenderness. All burgers are freshly grilled to order and served on a glazed brioche bun with fresh tomato, red onion and crispy fries.

Price: £11.99 with crispy fries.

Calories: Secret.

Last weekend 
Burger Lad® received a tweet from T.G.I. Friday’s asking if I would like to try their new hand-crafted burgers, due to be launched on Wednesday 2nd April. What was more up my street was the promise of a secret burger which was not even on the menu. Instructions on how to order this new secret menu item may be shared with you at the end of this review…

Burger Lad
The new Bruce Lee hand-crafted T.G.I Friday's burger...

While the London burger reviewers scoffed at T.G.I.’s invitations, with comments such as “they were good in the 90’s” etc. I was ever so grateful of their generous offer. So as the “elite” burger brigade quaffed at London’s Best Burger final on Sunday, your favourite High Street Burger reviewer checked out the new additions to T.G.I. Friday’s menu. After all, the capital is not so accessible for the entire U.K. but T.G.I.’s are nationwide and we are the people's burger website™.

I liked the look of the new hand-crafted burgers. The Monster 2.0 sounds exactly as it says on the tin! The French Dip, served with a rich beef gravy for dipping is tempting, as is the Bruce Lee which features hot Sriracha sauce that has been used by Subway USA and recently as a Pringles flavour over in the States. Finally the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger confirms that nowadays you can’t go anywhere without pulled pork popping up on the menu (he writes with spice rubbed pork shoulder in the slow cooker).

But these new burgers would have to wait because on this occasion we had to have a look at this mysterious burger not even featured on the T.G.I. menu! Now we’re no strangers to secret menu items at Burger Lad®, having created our very own inventions at the labs of Burger Lad® HQ. The Daily Mail online even featured Hack the Menu this week, almost like a sign telling me I had to try the Jack Burger.

So we placed our order and the burger was so secret the waitress didn’t fully understand what we’d asked for and replied “Jack’s Salmon”. We briefly explained and luckily had the letter sent to us by T.G.I. so it wasn’t long before the Jack Burger arrived.

Burger Lad
The brioche bun was served ajar...

The Jack was a 7oz burger topped with a cracking chilli con carne style mixture of red and green peppers, caramelised onions and jalapenos which had a slight kick to it but with a lovely, subtle cumin flavour coming through. The beef patty was good and had been cooked to medium with the slightest of pink on show. Miss Milkshake suggested it could have been a bit more pink which would have made for a juicier burger but neither of us had any complaints. 

Burger Lad
T.G.I. Friday's secret Jack Burger...

I had removed my fresh tomato and made a bit of a mess with the mayo which to me was quite superb. I likened it more to a Big Mac style sauce but less in your face, with it being creamy and delectable and fusing nicely with that on-board chilli. The thick cheese oozed over its beef host and could be distinguished amongst the other flavours.

The Jack Burger was not dressed with any fresh red onion which was a little bit disappointing. The glazed brioche bun coped easily with its inner beauties and was fresh and springy. Overall this was an enjoyable secret burger and made me definitely want to return, probably to try the Bruce Lee pictured above.

The crispy fries were really good today and I finished them up fairly quickly with the accompanying Jack glaze and additional BBQ sauce – yeah I really love their BBQ dipping sauce! 

Burger Lad
Inside the secret Jack Burger at T.G.I.'s...

Oh yes. And how do you order the Jack Burger? Well you’ll just have to ask them on this occasion and add #burgerface to the tweet. Literally one hour before going, I noticed one review that reveals the burger and secret which sort of ruined the fun. Shame – but I guess if you don’t want spoilers don’t go looking!

With that let us take one last look at the T.G.I. Friday’s secret menu Jack Burger…

Burger Lad
An enjoyable experience, thank you T.G.I.'s...

We’ll be back very soon though creating our own secret menu items so stay tuned folks and thanks as ever for reading! Also we want to express our huge gratitude to the good people at T.G.I. Friday’s.

We are the people's burger website™


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac UK

Review of McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac UK


What they say:

You won't believe until you eat it. Apart from 2 breaded chicken patties, cheese, lettuce, and creamy's got a bun in the middle!

Price: To be confirmed.

Calories: 604 Kcal.

Burger Lad® does it yet again as we bring you an EXCLUSIVE look at the latest limited time offer coming to McDonald’s UK on Wednesday 2nd April 2014!

I was recently contacted by an anonymous Manager of a McDonald’s Franchise who wanted to share a surprise addition to their menu during their latest Prize Vault Monopoly promotion. And boy was I in for a secret shock!

Burger Lad
Promotional picture courtesy of McDonald's Arabia...

The Chicken Big Mac is available in the Middle East, Egypt and Turkey with the Maharaja Mac variation residing in India. Some have creamy mayo on it and others have the Big Mac Special Sauce. KFC Canada has even tried to copy Ronald and his McDonaldland friends by adding the Big Boss burger to their product line-up.

We recently sent two BL Agents to Dubai on a mission to get us a glimpse at the Chicken Big Mac… or even better the Double version. They failed. But it doesn’t matter now as we can show you exclusively on your favourite burger review website the UK Chicken Big Mac.

Burger Lad
Exclusive look at the McDonald's UK Chicken Big Mac...

The promotional material wasn’t even ready when I got to preview this exclusive new menu item. I was told that the Chicken Big Mac was going to be tested in a number of restaurants throughout the UK and if successful, a full UK-wide release will follow. So if you pop into your local McD’s on Wednesday don’t be too disappointed if they haven’t got it. We may see it very soon…

As you can imagine I was pretty excited by this revelation and when I was invited into the back office to try this chicken take on the iconic Big Mac I wasn’t even dismayed when it was served up in a regular Big Mac container.

Burger Lad
Still awaiting the promotional box...

We had to film our latest episode of Burger Lad® TV which you can see below. I actually stumbled over my words filming it I was that excited. My BA (Burger Assistant) Burger Bev was with me and she could not contain herself either with this momentous occasion.

The Chicken Big Mac had been put together very tidily by my host. The lower patty was somewhat lost amongst that creamy mayo but I can assure you it was there. I sort of hoped that it would contain the Big Mac Special Sauce and pickles like its beef relative but who can argue with the classic chicken and mayo combination?

Burger Lad
A truly classic combination...

We were obviously over the moon to be contacted to try this limited time offer especially after celebrating a record-breaking month of page views at 
Burger Lad® HQ. So what the world is waiting for is how did the taste test drive go?

Well… I really enjoyed the Chicken Big Mac. You get a crispy bite from the breaded chicken patties and they blend well with the creamy mayo (which I believe is the same as the McChicken Sandwich). On this there was just slightly too much of the mayo as you can see from the video.

Burger Lad
That second chicken patty got lost amongst the creamy mayo...

The cheese was the standard McDonald’s type but is always required on a burger in my opinion. The lettuce was ultra-fresh and there was a very decent amount of it too. That classic “club” layer middle bun helped stabilise this finger licking Chicken Big Mac but the top sesame seed bun started to ooze its mayo all over my fingers.

Burger Lad
The Chicken Big Mac...

My only main criticism of this item is the lack of the Special Sauce and pickles to really give it that Big Mac association. My main hope is that if, in the future they do re-release it they go with that sauce instead and add the gherkins.

I finished this up very quickly!! For me, it worked really well and like I said above the pure adrenaline of sampling this product before it is rolled out in selected restaurants throughout the UK powered me through the Chicken Big Mac.

You can check out the latest episode of Burger Lad® TV and see our reaction...

So… nobody does it better than Burger Lad® - we’ve been deeply honoured to share this with you and hope you have enjoyed reading this red hot exclusive. We’ll be back really soon with more burger reviews and updates but in the meantime let’s leave you with one last look at the McDonald’s UK Chicken Big Mac. I said three words… “Chicken. Big. Mac.”

Burger Lad
Special sauce and pickles next time please...

We are the people's burger website™


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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger

Review of Haché Burgers Steak Bavarian Burger


What they say:

At Haché we give you the choice of a fresh ciabatta or fresh brioche bun served with roquette, beef tomato and sliced sweet red onion. Smoked Bavarian cheese and caramelised onions.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Burger Lad® has always claimed to be the people's burger website™ - a place where you can find reviews on HSB (High Street Burgers) and other Urban Burgers. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce our very latest guest review from
Andrew when he visited Haché in Shoreditch, London.

With that I will pass you over...

Every now and again, an item of food comes along, which is so good it's almost impossible to describe without expletives. But I'll try.

In this case today, it is the Steak Bavarian at Haché Burgers in London.

Haché is a small chain of four locations across the capital, and its burger menu consists of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and vegetarian options.

The décor plants it squarely at the gourmet end of the burger spectrum, which is just as well, as the prices do too. A burger, fries (charged separately), a beer and the service charge gave me pennies back from £20.

But my god it was worth it.

Burger Lad
Haché, Shoreditch...

After significant difficulty, and some help from the waitress, I chose the Steak Bavarian. A cheeseburger, essentially, with German smoked cheese, caramelised onions, tomato, rocket and their burger sauce.

A good burger place will ask you how you want your meat cooked and, in my view, the correct answer is medium.

So, a short wait enjoying my beer, and my burger arrived. A lot of thought had clearly gone into the presentation. The fries were served in a neat little metal basket, while the burger itself had its top knocked slightly askew, displaying the wondrous contents and letting the smell of the smoked cheese be the second thought to hit my senses.

Burger Lad
Steak Bavarian...

The first, by the way, was the shiny brioche bun in which this is served. Haché offers brioche, ciabatta or non-bun options for its burgers.

So, burger in front of me, and senses heightened, I picked the thing up and took a bite.

It is not small, and there was some slide. I feel it had just the right amount of sloppy "dirtiness" though, and a second bite was not far off.

Several fabulous bites later and it was time to try the fries. Thin, crispy and pretty tasty. They don't stand out particularly but suited the burger very well. Sweet potato fries are also offered.

Back to the burger though. The beef was great. Nicely seasoned, juicy and perfectly cooked. And a stocky chunk of meat it was too.

Burger Lad
Our new half devoured shot...

Besides the generous amount of smoked cheese and the gooey caramelised onions, the house burger sauce complemented the stack well. Just a hint of heat to it, without overpowering the other flavours.

It was a big meal by my standards, but did not take long to finish. When desserts were offered, there was just no way, sadly.

In summary, the best burger discovery for a long time. Next time I'm in London, I'll be back to try the lamb and/or Reblochon concoctions.

In my view, it goes straight to the top, second only to the cheeseburger at the
Admiral Codrington.

Thanks Andrew for this cracking review. If you would like to send us a guest review please get in contact or just send it to us at

We are the people's burger website™


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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Atomic Burger Mr T Burger

Review of Atomic Burger February Joker Special Mr T Burger


What they say:

Beef, Chicken or Veggie Burger topped with Meatballs, Bacon, BBQ Pulled Pork, American cheese and any side.

Price: £10.25.

Calories: Unknown.


Atomic Legend. Yes you heard correctly. This was what I was called today by one of the amazing girls satisfying our burger requirements at Atomic Burger, Bristol.

Now back in February we were in town to check out the monthly Joker Special called the Mr T burger. Unfortunately on that occasion Atomic had to shut unexpectedly so I missed out. However, because Atomic are quite frankly awesome...they said I could order one next time.

We hit the M5 at 88mph with Blondie’s “Atomic” blaring on the radio. I was slightly scared to ask for this off the menu item but these fears were allayed when we placed our order as the girl just said to me “you’re having the Mr T aren’t you?” This was the definition of winning.

Having arrived early our table was ready. When asked what name it was booked in I coyly replied “Burger Lad” to which I was amazed to hear that she had heard a lot about me. Atomic Legend.

Burger Lad
Atomic Burger Mr T burger...

So after filming the return of Burger Lad® TV (which you can see below) I was ready to take on the T. It sat there in front of me packed full of MEAT. Well you don’t win friends with salad do you!? “I ain’t getting on no plate” came to mind as I took another mouthful of this meat monolith.

This really was B.A. – Bloody Awesome and is definitely our next induction into the celebrity wing of our BurgerMania Hall of Fame. The patty does not get lost amongst its porky pals and you can easily distinguish its fresh, flavour packed loveliness. As ever, it was cooked medium with just the slightest of pink perfection. Maybe it was the hangover from the night before but I ate this so fast I had one eye on the Fallout Challenge.

Burger Lad
"I ain't gettin' on no plate fool..."

I have had the pulled pork before on ‘The Outlaw’ but that was a while ago now and this BBQ fused pulled pork was quite basically the bees knees. Sweet, tender, juicy and damn right dirty but packed with taste and just oozing brilliance.

The meatballs worked greatly to contribute to this culinary concoction but I was amazed just how great the bacon was. There was a ton of it on-board and like Murdoch I laughed like a crazy man while feasting on the Mr T.

The Mr T burger was finished with a slice of American cheese, lettuce and fresh tomato (which I always remove) and the sci-fries were once again “out of this world”. I later met up with a good friend who had seen us drive past in Cheltenham earlier on. “They are probably on their way to Atomic” to which his girlfriend replied “that’s a long way to go for a burger.” Well Atomic is well worth the drive and the Mr T really was special. The staff were as lovely as ever so thanks guys!

Burger Lad
It was a pleasure to meat you...

Once again I put myself through the pain of the Fallout Chicken wings. Having learnt my lesson from previous visits I opted to have them with/after the Mr T and like a boss managed a PB of nine wings. Miss Milkshake never disappoints and had three of the fiery fiends. Despite their evil, unforgiving heat they were still only the second hottest thing at the table. Talking of Double M, she gave us her insights into the March Joker Special and what a stunning debut...

Science Fiction Double-Feature: PART DEUX

The Atomic Burger monthly ‘Joker’ special: Spengler


What they say: Beef, Chicken or Veggie burger topped with Hot Dog, Aged Cheddar Sauce, Shroomie mushroom and red onion. Served, as always with a free side. This month’s special is in honour of the original nerd who made all nerds cool. Who you gonna call?

Price: £10.25.

Calories: Pffft... not counting.

I’ll be honest, this was the first time I'd ever felt nervous eating a cheeseburger. Partly because of the 'biblical proportions' of the burger itself (and the prospect of half of it landing down my favourite white T shirt), but mostly because I was facing off with the Legend* that is Burger Lad®. That’s a lot of pressure for a rookie such as myself.

Seeing as Burger Lad® is the King of Burgers, I decided to ease myself into the role with a milkshake to get me started. I say ‘milkshake’, but this was so much more than that. Dubbed the ‘Mrs Mia Wallace Shotgun Shake’ by the good people of Atomic, this was a Sundae glass of Epic Win with a cherry on top. A Vodka & Kahlua shake with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, piled high with cream, and garnished with a cherry (not to mention a parasol that matched my nail polish – eek!). On top of all that I opted for a generous sprinkling of popping candy. Why do things by halves? Anyway, back to business.

The burger was aptly named. Anyone who paid attention to Ghostbusters would tell you that Spengler collected ‘spores, moulds and fungus’, so the Shroomie mushrooms were a welcome addition. The Aged Cheddar Sauce oozed out of the burger like Ectoplasmic residue. They probably could’ve popped a Twinkie in there somewhere for good measure, but that’s just my sweet tooth talking.

Burger Lad
Atomic Burger Spengler...

I’m not against getting messy but I did feel less like a Ghostbuster and more like Slimer eating that thing. I even ended up having to finish my Spengler burger off with a knife and fork to retain some dignity, along with the crisp whiteness of my T shirt. It was a bit of a sloppy Joe, but in no way was that a bad thing, and I really couldn’t fault it. I’ll leave Burger Lad® to give you the finer details (him being the expert and all), but the thick, juicy patty itself was cooked to order (which for me means pink in the middle), the hotdog added a little smoky something extra, and the cheese sauce was all that was required. No standard edition ketchup or mayo etc. Can’t wait to see what they bring out next month!

*That’s Atomic Legend to you.

Here is her concept artwork for Miss Milkshake, we should have a Burger 
Lad® one soon!

Burger Lad
Her better than yours...!

Thanks Miss Milkshake for this cracking review and artwork. We also filmed a quick episode of Burger Lad® TV where I manage to have BBQ sauce on my face the whole time! Clearly Miss Milkshake did not go to David Attenburger Film School either…

So I hope you have enjoyed this Science Fiction, double feature… get to Atomic Burger… they want to meet ya!

With that let’s take one last look at this A-rated burger, The Mr T – this really does have the bling to back the name up. Atomic Legend.

Burger Lad
Burger, pulled pork, meatballs, bacon, cheese...

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