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Burger King Menu Items and Prices in the UK

Burger King Menu Items and Prices in the UK

After the last post showing the McDonald's menu items and prices I thought it only fitting to add the Burger King UK menu and prices too. Please note that this was taken from BK in Cheltenham during January 2013 and is subject to change and regional variation.

I will also state now that this will be the last post of this type and we'll be switching back to reviews very soon here on

My poor Head of Legal was a bag of nerves when I told him that on the same night as the re-brand to Burger Lad we'd also be posting their menu and prices too.

Have it your way...

For this mission I was unavailable so we sent someone else to do the job. And he did not disappoint...

A view of the counter at BK...

So here are the items and prices currently available:

BEEF Sandwich Reg Meal
Whopper £3.79 £5.29
Double Whopper £4.79 £6.29
Whopper Junior £2.19 £3.69
Whopper Bacon & Cheese £4.59 £6.09
Angus XT Steakhouse £5.59 £7.09
Angus XT Classic £5.09 £6.59
Angus XT Smoked Bacon & Cheddar £5.59 £7.09
Angus Steakhouse £4.99 £6.49
Angus Classic   £4.49 £5.99
Angus Smoked Bacon & Cheddar £4.99 £6.49
Angus Steakhouse Double £5.99 £7.49
Angus Classic Double £5.49 £6.99
Angus Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Double £5.99 £7.49
Bacon Double Cheese £3.79 £5.29
Bacon Double Cheese XL £4.49 £5.99
Big King £3.79 £5.29
Double Rodeo £3.79 £5.29
Double Cheeseburger £3.59 £5.09
Cheeseburger £1.99 £3.49
Hamburger £1.79 £3.29

CHICKEN Sandwich Reg Meal
Chicken Royale £3.79 £5.29
Chicken Royale with Cheese £4.19 £5.69
Sweet Chilli Chicken Royale £4.19 £5.69
Chicken TENDERCRISP £4.49 £5.99
Caesar Chicken TENDERCRISP £4.89 £5.99
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap £2.29 £6.39
Caesar  Chicken Wrap £2.29 £3.79
Chicken Nuggets - 6 pieces £2.79 £4.29
Chicken Nuggets - 9 pieces £3.79 £5.29

The BK Menu as at January 2013...

VEGGIE, FISH & SALAD Sandwich Reg Meal
Veggie Bean Burger £3.79 £5.29
Veggie Wrap £2.79 £4.29
Ocean Catch £3.79 £5.29
Garden Salad £2.29
Grilled Chicken Salad £3.29

SIDES, DIPS & EXTRAS Regular Large Super
Fries £1.49 £1.69 £1.89
Onion Rings £1.39 £1.59 £1.79
Chicken Nuggets £2.79 £3.79
Chilli Cheese Bites £1.39 £1.89
Tomato Ketchup Dip £0.10
Sweet Chilli Dip £0.10
BBQ Dip £0.10
Add Cheese £0.40
Add Bacon £0.40

This time I have not added the Kids Club, Drinks, Desserts and Shakes sections so you will have to accept my apologies for their omission. Finally the breakfast items and the excellently named 'Breakfast in Bread'... Whoever invented that name can certainly come and work for us here at

BREAKFAST Sandwich Reg Meal
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Butty £1.99 £3.49
Breakfast in Bread £2.99 £4.49
Sausage Butty £1.49 £2.99
Big Beefy £3.99 £5.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Butty £1.99 £3.49
Bacon Butty £1.49 £2.99
Egg & Cheese Butty £1.49 £2.99
Regular Large
Hash Browns £0.99 £1.09
Mini Pancakes & Syrup £1.19 £1.49

I hope this resource is useful and you have enjoyed your visit to our site. I think our Head of Legal will get a few sleepless nights (he's used to it) now this is live but I really think he should take a look at this first!

Must be some sort of infringement...

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  1. How much is triple whopper?

  2. Hey Burger Lad don't forget to use printable coupons at Burger King, the best idea is to print them off and keep some in your purse / wallet at all times.. Use these for Autumn 2013 ..

  3. Burger King @ stafford services on the M6 tonight - whopper with bacon and cheese £5.39, cheeseburger with ketchup only £3.44, regular coke £2.09 - not been funny £10.92 for 2 burgers and a coke really takes the pi**. When will these fact food joints stop fleecing people just because they have a captive audience?!

    1. Thanks for reading and the comments.

      I agree. As a family of four I have spent £20+ on the four of us eating at a service station on the motorway to be told BBQ Sauce is 10p each.

      Burger Lad out.

  4. meant to make a menu for School and this helped a lot, Thanks Burger Lad!

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  6. saver menu?! hamburgers and chesseburgers are now 99p

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    1. exactly, its so unfair? so we are punished for being vegetarian?

    2. Yes. Stop being a pussy and eat some meat.

  8. Thanks Burger Lad, need this info for expenses!!
    Jase the Ace

  9. Thanks, very helpful.

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